Tensabarrier ® – Better by Design

The Tensabarrier® is the world’s original retractable barrier developed to optimise space and effectively organise people flow. Crowd control stanchions contain a powerful constant force spring used to retract the post’s webbing. Studies show that the webbing on retractable stanchions without breaking systems accelerate at a speed of 85mph – that is faster than a Formula One car off the starting line! If the retractable webbing is released accidentally and the retraction mechanism is not fitted with a brake, the belt will snap back with enough force to cause injury.

Many competing brands do not have a braking system. The Tensabarrier®  by Tensator has a patented braking system that incorporates twin brake shoes. This slow retract technology allows the belt to fall to the floor when released and then slowly and safely retract back into the Tensabarrier®, eliminating the risk of injury.  The anti-tamper tape end means that you have to actually press the button to free the belt, preventing accidental release.

Watch the video comparison below to see why Tensabarrier®  is the safest barrier on the market and why it does not put your customers at risk.

Over the years, we have seen many suppliers bring cheap, look-alike products to the market. We have vigorously defended our brands and patents to protect the technology that makes Tensabarrier® the safest barrier on the market. To guarantee customers that they are purchasing a genuine quality Tensabarrier®, we have introduced additional quality measures, incorporating the Tensabarrier® logo on both sides of the tape end on all 50mm webbing Tensabarrier® products.

Avoid the risk of injury claims and use genuine Tensabarrier® stanchions to be sure that your barrier is safe for your customers. View our full range of Tensabarrier® products.


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