PLEASE NOTE: Not all webbing options shown are available in all regions. An additional charge may be applied for non-stocked webbing options. Please contact your local Tensator office to find out which options are available in your region.

Acrylic Stanchion Signage

Designed to fit on a Tensabarrier® stanchion, the Acrylic Sign is available in vertical and horizontal orientation and can enhance the queue or restricted area by providing additional information, guidance or warnings.

Stock Signage

Sizes 7”x11” 1/4” thickness & vertical orientation. Available in: Black, Blue or Red

  • Please Enter Here
  • Please Wait Here For The Next Available Teller
  • Exit
  • Exit Please Do Not Enter
  • Line Forms here
  • Please Wait Here

We also provide double faced signs and can create custom signage. Please speak with one of our partners about signage messages