PLEASE NOTE: Not all webbing options shown are available in all regions. An additional charge may be applied for non-stocked webbing options. Please contact your local Tensator office to find out which options are available in your region.

Sign Holder A4 Portrait or Landscape

The Sign Holder A4 Portrait or Landscape is available with the following finishes...

Powder Coated
Chrome Over Steel
Polished Chrome
Full framed message holder to fit on top of any existing Tensabarrier® to provide additional information, safety messages or guidance.  

Heavy Duty Delux

  • 7'x11'
  • 8'5"x11'
  • 11'x14'
  • 14'x22'
  • 22'x28'

Light Duty Standard

  • 7'x11'
  • 8'5"x11'
  • 11'x14'
  • Available in A4
  • Portrait or landscape orientation
  • Available in polished chrome or black finish
  • Fits onto any existing Tensabarrier® to inform, communicate and promote with a difference